Mark Foster / Copywriter

The pace of change in the electrical industry is accelerating at an extraordinary rate

New digital technologies are emerging almost daily and the internet is becoming ever more pervasive. Most products are becoming networked and data availability grows continually, as does the value of that information.

Alongside this, the adoption of electrical products continues to increase, contributing to spiralling energy use and worldwide concern.

All of this is mounting pressure on today’s electrical product manufacturers. With technology advancing faster than ever and customers demanding more features at lower cost to them and the environment. The question is: how can OEMs keep up?

The fastest growing industry sector today is Cleantech. It is driven by two opposing factors: the rate of technology adoption and the need for conservation of fuels and natural resources. By embracing elements of Cleantech, OEM’s can keep up with customers’ challenging demands.

“ DeepStream has developed a unique combination of technologies to take digital sensor intelligence to the next level. ”

Digital intelligence and energy management

From a technology perspective, embedding digital intelligence is an ideal solution for energy management. Not only can it measure energy use at the point where it’s needed but it can also enable the installation of monitoring and control capabilities to deliver more efficient solutions. Currently these smart energy management solutions are mainly limited to business and industry and not designed for the homeowner.

To measure energy use, to a point granular enough in the system to determine where it is being used,(or wasted), energy measurement solutions have to be installed at circuit, socket and appliance levels. In effect, this means placing them into electrical products themselves.

The technology breakthrough

Until now the technology has not been available to measure energy at this level. Traditional Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are restricted by their 2D nature, topology and their lack of resistance to hostile and hazardous environments inherent in products such as circuit breakers, sockets and appliances.

Recognising this, DeepStream has developed a unique combination of technologies that takes digital sensor intelligence to the next level integrating electro-mechanical and electronic components for the first time, and providing a host of innovative new features and intelligence.