Mark Foster / Copywriter

The seamless journey from 101 EX to Phantom Coupé

Unlike other manufacturers’ ‘concept’ cars, whose ambitious designs can almost never be translated into a production model, Rolls-Royce EX cars are virtually road-going in their own right.

Whilst many EX features are innovative and imaginative, all are thoroughly researched regarding their feasibility as practical solutions for production. 101EX displayed no shortage of groundbreaking ideas and almost all of these have made their way into Phantom Coupé.

There are four main visible changes between the experimental and production model:
  • The design of the boot has followed on from the phenomenal success of the picnic boot launched on Drophead Coupé.
  • The red brake callipers have been changed to a more traditional unpainted design for the Coupé.
  • The illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy has been replaced by the traditional stainless steel version seen on other Phantom models due to legal restrictions.
  • The aluminium bonnet from 101EX has been replaced with the brushed steel bonnet developed for Drophead Coupé. This is due to the high level of maintenance required for aluminium.