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Any Questions?

How much do you charge?
I base my charges on £55 an hour + VAT.

But I can find a copywriter for £10 an hour or less.
In which case you’re most welcome to try them. You’ll pay more for me because you’re paying for over 25 years experience. The copywriters who charge less are those who are either just starting out (in which case you might strike it lucky) or those who are desperate for work. You’ll also be able to find copywriters who charge a lot more than me.

What do I get for my money?
You’ll get a fixed price for the job, including a couple of revisions. If it’s not right after two sets of amends then either the initial brief has evolved into something different, or you and I just aren’t compatible. In which case I’m happy to negotiate a rejection fee. In my time freelancing I’ve only had to do this three or four times.

Where do you work?
If you’re an advertising or design agency then I’m quite happy to work at your place - as long as you’re within an hour or so from Tavistock. Otherwise, I’ll work at home. 90% of my work is home-based, but it’s great to get out and work with like-minded people now and then.

How involved in each project do you become?
That’s totally up to you. You get better use of my experience if I’m involved from the start. If you’re an agency I can come to the initial client briefing and be involved in determining media, structuring brochures, sitemaps for websites, composition of DM etc. However, I can also simply fill in the gaps - working to a pre-designed layout, sticking to word counts and existing tone of voice.

Why haven’t you got a proper job?
Because I like the freelancing way of life. I have been offered senior writer and Creative Director roles in agencies but prefer the freedom, variety and satisfaction that working for myself brings.

Do you work for clients in other countries?
Of course with the speed of today’s connectivity it’s easy to work for companies around the world - and I have done so. We can Skype, Zoom or just rely on email.

Do you specialise in any industry sectors?
Not really. I went through a period of writing mainly for car clients so I can offer a lot of experience in that area. I have also written for many technology and financial companies. When I worked in London I spent a lot of time with third sector clients. Having said that, I believe a good copywriter can turn his or her hand to anything.

Is there anything you won’t work on?
Cigarettes, armaments and nuclear power.

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