Mark Foster / Copywriter

Engineered wellbore abandonment services

Increasing efficiency from plan to plug

Coretrax provides a seamless service - constantly aligning your wellbore abandonment needs through rigorous project planning and engineering.

In the field our engineers come equipped for the numerous challenges of the real world, such as poor well conditions, damaged casing, cement bond issues and perforated casing. With this in mind, they are fully prepared to overcome uncertainties as they arise and to keep the programme moving forward.

Oilfields around the world are ageing. As these reservoirs near the end of their productive life the number of wells that need to be plugged and abandoned is rising exponentially. It goes without saying that this has to be done in a safe, economic and environmentally responsible way.

A serious test of skill

Abandonment is tightly regulated, on and offshore, often requiring three barriers to be set, cement bond log run, pressure test, plus environmental plug. In the North sea alone there are 5,000 wells to be abandoned over the next twenty to thirty years (source: Royal Academy of engineering). The engineering challenge is significant. Not only is the environment often harsh, but the infrastructure is generally old, unstable and unpredictable. This combination increases operational complexity and uncertainty.

A more planned approach

Historically abandonment has been on a well by well basis within the drilling or production workflow. As the numbers of decommissioned and shut-in wells rises, increasingly it will become a planned activity and involve the mobilisation of dedicated abandonment campaigns by operators.

We are leading this change with specialist abandonment services and solutions. We work to the highest standards and constantly engineer innovative solutions for your field, aligned to the real world conditions. We combine all the elements of programme planning, client communications, engineering and project execution to dramatically increase the efficiency and safety of your abandonment campaign.

  • Assure the wellbore
  • Assure the setting of squeeze packers
  • Assure packer set and pressure test
  • Assure the BOP
  • Assure good conduit for setting cement

  • Look at savings across the whole programme not just the individual well
  • Save hours and beat the AFE budget
  • Save time using innovative approaches with tried and tested technologies
  • The perfect seal, remove the micro annulus
  • You know where the plug is set
  • Give you confidence in the job