Mark Foster / Copywriter

Growth. A barrier and an opportunity

Growth is an essential factor in the success of any aviation business. If an airport struggles to meet the expectations of airlines it risks losing market share to larger, more efficient competitors. It is a case of those who stand still fall behind.

So what are the opportunities and barriers that arise in pursuit of growth?

  • The growth in routes is good for airlines and for airports. More people using an airport means more revenue from shops, parking and other retail opportunities.
  • Even a small amount of growth can be well worth it. As the size of aircraft increases, finding just one extra slot in the day means there are more passengers with more money to spend - on top of the increased revenue from landing fees.
  • Aviation businesses face an increasing number of restrictions on growth, such as physical situation, government policy, environmental issues, as well as the length and complexity of the consultation process.

Looking beyond the obvious

The initial reaction may be to try and increase the size of an airport, adding more runways to handle more flights. Whilst NATS has a great deal of experience helping ANSPs, airports and other aviation businesses expand their physical infrastructure, we realise it may not be the best solution. You might be better off working with us to increase efficiency, creating more movements through specialised training and innovative ATM technology.

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