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Nobody likes to be surrounded by flies at work. It can be horrid for both your staff and your customers. It’s not just that flies are annoying, but they can also spread nasty diseases, contaminate foodstuffs and bite people. Obviously this can have serious consequences for your business, as it gives a poor impression to customers and employees. Fortunately, we can help you remove problems with three quick steps, giving you effective fly control in your business.

  1. Call us and we guarantee to get back to you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) to arrange an appointment.
  2. A specialist Surveyor will visit your business and put together a tailored solution, free of charge.
  3. A BPCA certified Technician will discreetly put the plan into action as soon as you give the go-ahead – taking the appropriate action to make sure the flies are gone for good.

Call Rentokil free on 0808 252 3022 and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to talk about fly control in your business

FACT: Common House Flies, Blow Flies, Cluster Flies and Mosquitoes cause most of the common fly problems in the UK. We have specific methods to control each type.


If you run a bar, restaurant, food processing plant or any other business that handles or serves food, then flies can be a particular nightmare. You’ll need to have effective fly control in your business’ food preparation and storage areas otherwise the flies could spread diseases and contaminate food.

Not only would this be bad for your reputation, but it could also lead to loss of earnings – you might be shut down if you don’t comply with legislation. It could really help to have a chat with us.

  • With many years’ experience, we’re the Food Industry experts in fly control
  • We’re up to date with current legislation in Food Processing, Food Retail and Restaurants and Bars

Check out your obligations on our
food legislation page.


There are several steps we can take to minimise damage to your health or your business’ reputation.

  • Identify the type of fly that’s causing the problem, so we can adopt the most effective fly control in your business
  • Remove the flies’ breeding environment, to stop them coming back
  • Use small fly control measures such as fly screens
  • Put up light traps as an ongoing solution
  • Make sure they’re gone for good by arranging follow up visits from our technicians to give your premises the once over


Call Rentokil free on 0808 252 3022 for expert advice on the best fly control in your business - to get rid of them for good.