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  • The Catlin Seaview Survey. Our coral reefs are amazing - but disappearing fast
  • Fun and games. Some fun stuff about oceans for you to enjoy
  • What’s it like on a coral reef? Immerse yourself in a coral reef experience with our video
  • The Catlin Arctic Survey. Journey with us to discover the mysteries of the Arctic Ocean

Welcome Explorers!
Come with us on a journey from the frozen Arctic Ocean to sunny coral reefs. We’ll let you into the secrets of our scientific surveys and tell you why they are so important for everything that lives on the earth. Including you. Ready to go?

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  • Climate change
Why do we need to know about climate change?
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  • Catlin Education
Discover our free resources for schools, events and workshops.
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  • The Catlin Seaview Survey
What are we learning about coral reefs and climate change?
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  • The Catlin Arctic Survey
What did our scientists find out about the Arctic Ocean?
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Fun stuff
Loads of fun fact sheets, games and wallpapers just for you
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