Mark Foster / Copywriter

Safe, simple and accepted all over the country

SayShopping vouchers couldn’t be easier to use. They’re accepted just like cash by retailers all over the UK so you can buy and use them with total confidence.

Imagine you want to give a friend a present,
here’s how it works:
  1. You buy the vouchers quickly and simply by using the order voucher link above or through a selected partner.
  2. Your friend enjoys spending them on exactly what they want from their favourite store – not just shopping, but hotels, holidays, events and many other leisure activities.
  3. The retailer is paid directly by us on your behalf.
  4. Everyone is happy.
SayShopping vouchers are welcomed by retailers because they are backed by Sodhexo, one of the world’s biggest issuers of this type of voucher.

We’ve the technology and experience to make sure everything works smoothly and securely – from buying the vouchers to spending them. This includes tracking each and every voucher from printing to redemption, making ours the most foolproof multi-store voucher around.